Meet The Staff


Tony, Natalie and Morgan Vice have locally owned and operated Fleet Feet Sports Stockton from the beginning - April 1st, 2005. We understand its out amazing team that helps create a fun, supportive environment for our guests. We asked staff a few fun questions, so you could get to know them...

1. What is your favorite food?

2. What is your favorite event?

3. Why do you like working at Fleet Feet?

David - My favorite food is curry with rice, my favorite race is the XTerra Nationals in Bend, OR and I like working at Fleet Feet because running has always been a big part of my life and now Fleet Feet is an extention of that part of me.

Alicia - My favorite food is indo-mie from the Rice Pot Movement. My favorite race is Avenue of the Vine - my very first half marathon. I like working at Fleet Feet because everyday I wake up and get excited knowing I will be helping people and learning something I didn't know the day before. 

Kevin - My favorite food is turkey with stuffing and a slice of cherry pie. My favorite race is Avenue of the Vines because it was the first event I was able to train for when I got out of the hospital. I like working at Fleet Feet because I know everyday I come in, I will be able to help someone better their life and that's the best feeling knowing that they are active and living healthy. It just puts a smile on my face.

Genevieve - My favorite food is chicken tenders. My favorite race is S.H.E. 365. I like working at Fleet Feet because everyone is family and together we motivate and inspire each other to not only be better people but to help others be better.

Carrianne - My favorite food is veggie pizza - it's my guilty pleasure. My favorite race is the St. Joseph's 5K.  I really enjoy working as a Fleet Feet team member because helping others discover and pursue a healthy lifestyle is a daily joy and the Fleet Feet environment is one that allows me to strive to be my healthiest and happiest.

Hailey - My favorite food is pizza. My favorite race is any 5k distance because I can run without dying :-)  I love working at Fleet Feet because feel apart of a team that is very supportive and wants to see me do better as a worker, as a runner and as a person and I like having them in my corner.

Jill - My favorite food is Pizza!!!!! My favorite race is the Run Against Hunger. I like working at Fleet Feet because I love helping customers with everything from fitness to nutrition to just being happy and healthy! :)

Angelina - My favorite food is Raviolis (but Frozen double stuffed Oreos are the best. My favorite race was the Mud Blast Run. I like working at Fleet Feet because it has an amazing atmosphere and I love that it motivates me to run while sharing my passion with customers. Fleet Feet staff has taught me so much and I enjoy coming to work and learning.

Karen - My Favorite food is spaghetti with mushroom marinara sauce. My favorite race is the Avenue of the Giants. I like working at Fleet Feet as a coach because the runners are friendly and I like to see the process each person makes.

Lisa - My favorite food is ALL FOOD! My favorite run is the Resolution Run on New Years Eve. I love working for Fleet Feet as it gives me the opportunity to inspire others to discover and claim the best in themselves thru running.

Daniel - My favorite food is homemade tamales. My favorite race is Avenue of the Vines because it is a fun and fast course with a great post-race environment. I enjoy working at Fleet Feet because of the people I come into contact with. I enjoy watching them set goals, work towards them, and accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

Jessica - My favorite food is sour cream chicken enchiladas. My favorite race is the Newport marathon in Oregon because Daniel proposed to me after. Favorite fleet feet event is the Tuesday night club runs because it's laid back and there are lots of nice people! I like working at Fleet Feet because I get to meet amazing people, encourage and help inspire confidence and persistence, and help them reach their personal goals. I also love coaching alongside my husband, Karen and Lisa!