Tony, Natalie and Morgan Vice have locally owned and operated Fleet Feet Sports Stockton from the beginning - April 1st, 2005 and Fleet Feet Sports Modesto from the beinning - November 27th, 2015.  We understand its our amazing team that helps create a fun, supportive environment for our guests. We asked staff a few fun questions, so you could get to know them...

1. What is your favorite food?

2. What is your favorite event?

3. Why do you like working at Fleet Feet?


My favorite food is curry with rice, my favorite race is the XTerra Nationals in Bend, OR and I like working at Fleet Feet because running has always been a big part of my life and now Fleet Feet is an extension of that part of me.


My favorite food is indo-mie from the Rice Pot Movement. My favorite race is Avenue of the Vine - my very first half marathon. I like working at Fleet Feet because everyday I wake up and get excited knowing I will be helping people and learning something I didn't know the day before. 


My favorite food is veggie pizza - it's my guilty pleasure. My favorite race is the St. Joseph's 5K.  I really enjoy working as a Fleet Feet team member because helping others discover and pursue a healthy lifestyle is a daily joy and the Fleet Feet environment is one that allows me to strive to be my healthiest and happiest.


My favorite food is a carne asada quesadilla. My favorite event is the Run & Walk Against Hunger on Thanksgiving Day. I love to see Stockton's surrounding areas and more come together on a holiday for a great cause and fun run! I like working at Fleet Feet because when we educate, help, and improve the lives of customers by assessing their physical needs, "work" becomes the wrong word to use. It becomes a passion! Also, I personally love to run...avidly.


My favorite food is tacos. My favorite event is the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon put on by Fleet Feet! I like working at Fleet Feet because I learn something new everyday and it helps me fuel my passion to help others.


My favorite food is all meat lovers pizza. My favorite event is any half marathon because the amount of miles is both enjoyable and challenging for me. I like working at Fleet Feet because I enjoy helping others that share the same passionate feeling towards running and staying active. It makes me feel great that I have the opportunity to help people in the community become more knowledgeable about running and staying active. 


My favorite food would have to be all kinds of seafood. My favorite event is the Peace Officers Memorial Run. I love working at Fleet Feet because helping others achieve their fitness goals. I also love footwear and I love fitness in general. 


My favorite food is Thai Food. If I could I would eat it everyday! My favorite event is the Kaiser Permanente Avenue of the Vines (You won't hear me WINE about that race).  I love working at Fleet Feet because we are all about our community, which is so important to me. We love our customers and they become like our family. It's a helpful, judgement free zone meant for everyone and anyone interested in becoming better versions of themselves a little bit everyday.


My favorite food is a burrito from most taco trucks. I could eat one everyday if I wanted to. My favorite event is the 800 meters. It's a very short race but I love how painfully challenging it is. I enjoy working at Fleet Feet because it allows me to use my experience and knowledge to help customers to continue enjoying the sport of running.


My favorite food is noodles...I just LOVE noodles, especially the night before my race. CARB IT UP! The Modesto Marathon is my favorite event, because it's perfect time of year and nice setting in my own community. I like working at Fleet Feet because of the family atmosphere here and the knowledge I've gained and will continue to gain and be able to share with our guests.


My favorite food is chocolate...if it can be considered a food. My favorite event is definitely the annual Run & Walk Against Hunger in Stockton. It's such a great event benefiting the community. I like working at Fleet Feet because it's the perfect job for me as an active person. I love helping others and the knowledge required to fit our customers coincides what I am studying in college. It is also an environment that is positive and truly values the customers, which I think is incredibly important and is what makes Fleet Feet stand out.


My favorite food is any kind of Thai food, as long as it's vegan. My favorite event is the Disney Avengers Super Hero Half Marathon! I like working at Fleet Feet because I love being a part of people's fitness journey. I love to hear about their fitness goals and I just love being able to help them in their own journey.


My favorite food is mexican food. I love tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. My favorite event is the annual Run and Walk Against Hunger. I find the cause to be very admirable and inspiring. I like working at Fleet Feet because running is something very near and dear to my heart, so I feel very gratified to help others maximize their running experience by taking them through our it process and providing them with great customer service.


My favorite food is chicken Alfredo or any kind of pasta...CARBO LOAD! My favorite event is the Big Sur Half Marathon. I love California coastal runs. I like working at Fleet Feet because I get to interact with other runners and people who enjoy physical fitness. I love to help them make their experiences better in the sport I love!


My favorite food is ALL FOOD! My favorite run is the Resolution Run on New Years Eve. I love working for Fleet Feet as it gives me the opportunity to inspire others to discover and claim the best in themselves thru running.


My Favorite food is spaghetti with mushroom marinara sauce. My favorite race is the Avenue of the Giants. I like working at Fleet Feet as a coach because the runners are friendly and I like to see the process each person makes.

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