New Products

Check out the latest gear at Fleet Feet Stockton! We're always looking to provide you with the best. Have a suggestion - don't hesitate to let us know


What's MANDUKA...some of the greatest yoga gear around. Come check out our new selection of Manduka yoga accessories. Non slip mats, yoga towels and mat refresher just to name a few. HEY! Fleet Feet Sports isn't just about running...we want you to have the complete workout experience.


Wanting to have that GO TO pair of sandals that offer support and comfort? Then check out our new Spenco Total Support sandals. These will be the last pair you put on your feet after a day of pounding the pavement or trail. Available in mens and womens colors in full sizes. 


Great tips and tricks for our friends at Nuun Hydration. They're not just about getting the right stuff to drink...what a great resource. Click here to check out the Nuun blog.


Light up your run with the Nathan LightSpur. This is the COOLEST thing to wear on your shoes to light up your run. It's close to getting dark earlier and early morning runs you still need to be seen. Clip one of these "babies" on your shoe and you'll be sure to be seen. You don't even notice it's there...but others will! Be seen with Nathan!

The Soleus GO! Tracking everything that you do. Every step, every minute, every mile, every inch...EVERY DAY! The GO activity tracker measures all of it and allows you to track using their Soleus GO app that transfers your data wireless using Bluetooth technology. Stay connected to your workout and activity with the Soleus GO! activity tracker. It even vibrates when you have a phone call or text!