How often should I replace my shoes?

Replacing your shoes depends upon your activity, mileage and usage.  A good rule of thumb to follow is your shoes will last between 300 to 500 miles.  You should replace your shoes, no matter what, if you've had them for 6 months.  Midsole materials will breakdown with age alone.

Do I need an appointment to be fit for footwear?

No appointments are necessary at Fleet Feet Stockton and Fleet Feet Modesto.  All of our staff have been thouroughly trained in our Personal FIT Process with our proprietary fit id 3D scanning technology .  Our process normally takes 10 to 20 minutes to help you find the right shoe fit.

Will I benefit from insoles or orthotics?

That depends on the condition of you feet.  We typically recommend over the counter orthotics when we see the following:

  • Fat pad shift
  • The need for minor stability correction
  • Pain associated with plantar fasciitis
  • Fine tuning fit of your footwear

We also offer inserts for your dress shoes, athletic shoes and general everyday footwear.

Whats the best sports bra for me?

The 2 most common types of sports bras are compression and encapsulation.  Sports bras come in all different shapes and sizes.  The higher the impact of your activity, the more support you need. You should be rotating between 3 or more bras and replacing every 4 to 6 months.  Every female staff member is thoroughly trained in our Bra FIT Process and can answer in question or concerns you may have regarding fit and function.

Why shouldn't I use my old cotton t-shirts to workout in?

Here at Fleet Feet Stockton and Fleet Feet Modesto, we have a little saying..."COTTON IS ROTTEN".  Natural fibers can absorb 8 times their weight in moisture.  Placing that moisture/presperation against your skin can cause blistering, chaffing and all sorts of ailments that will make your workout less enjoyable for you and those around you.  This includes all your workout apparel and accessories, especially SOCKS!

I'm new to the area, where can I run, walk or workout?

We have all sorts of great routes in our lovely cities.  Try joining us on Tuesday nights in Stockton for our group runs/walks from the store. Or you can just come by the stores and we'll show you some great loops in our area.  Check out our CLUBS/LINKS in the COMMUNITY folder for other groups to train or workout with. 

How do you handle returns?

Fit Matters. And at Fleet Feet, so does your happiness! If an item you purchased at Fleet Feet doesn't make you happy by the way it performs, looks, or fits, we'll take it back within 60 days for an exchange or return. It's our promise to you!

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